Post and Rail electric fencing

We love horses and their wellbeing is our number one priority. Our Post and Rail fencing made of HDPE means that it’s as strong as it is flexible. Under impact, it flexes, absorbs the impact and bounces the horse back off it. Stainless steel wire is spherically embedded into the rails under heat and all connections are made inside the posts. This provides the option of an post and rail electric fence to keep horses off the fence, without the danger of exposed wires or tensioning. It’s great to have a safe electric fencing, especially if there is a power outage or a storm.All the surfaces are smooth and rounded so there are no sharp, pointy corners to cause injury in our electric fence for horses. The fence is highly visible to horses and looks amazing. Our Electric post & rail fencing comes with 10 years guarantee. Smart fit design enables fence posts to be installed on uneven ground. Well-trained EquiSafe representative is able to visit your farm or residence to install the fence in a quick and seamless process. Instructions can be given to those customers who wish to install it themselves.