Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing

We understand how important it is to keep your horses safe and secure and the challenges that secure fencing can pose. With 30 years of equine fence manufacturing experience under our belts, and by keeping abreast of the latest technologies, we are confident that our electric post and rail fences are the most secure and reliable method of keeping horses safely within their paddock.

– Strong
– Safe
– Reliable
– Durable
– No maintenance
– Environmentally conscious

What’s The Real Benefit?

As you will know, horses have a tendency to chew and rub themselves against fence posts so you want a fence that can withstand this and not fall over. Our post and rail fences are constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) to maximise their strength and flexibility and also contain stainless steel wire. All surfaces are smooth and rounded to avoid any injury to your horse, and as opposed to wooden fencing, these fences are less appealing for horses to chew. Our fences will absorb the impact of your horse and safely bounce the horse back off it. The electric component of the fence is also safe and effective way of preventing your horse from jumping over the fence. These fences are manufactured with high quality stabilizers to prevent the detrimental effects of UV radiation.

The fences are generally white in appearance to maximise their visibility to horses as well as looking visually appealing on your property, however, please note other colours are available. Our team of experienced highly trained staff can install post & rail fencing on most surfaces, no matter how uneven, or we can provide instructions for self-installation if you prefer to install it yourself. We consider the environment during our manufacturing process and have a recycling plant on site.

Although post and rail fencing is expensive, it is well worth the investment and should last a considerable amount of time without rotting, splintering or cracking. We have built a global reputation as a leading company in equine fencing; our HDPE post & rail fencing comes with a ten-year guarantee for your peace of mind.



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